John Daniel Allen,

Sixth District

Marshall County School Board Members

John Dippold,

First District

Harvey Jones,

Second District

Andy Woodard,

Fourth District

Susan Hunter’s term expires 2020

2748 Anes Station Rd

Lewisburg, Tn. 37091

359-1600 Home            

Susan Hunter,

Seventh District

Robert Warf,

Eighth District

Kristen Gold,

Third District

John Dippold’s term expires in 2020

4729 Wildberry Lane

Chapel Hill, Tn. 37034



Kristen Gold’s term expires in 2018.

2111 Finley Beech Rd.

Lewisburg, Tn. 37091




Julie K. Cathey,

Fifth District

Robert Warf’s term expires in 2020

1008 East Cpmmerce St.

Lewisburg, Tn. 37091

359-6790 home

Marshall County School Board Policies

Tennessee Department of Education

National School Board Association

Tennessee State  Board of Education

Tennessee School Board Association

Donnie Moses,

Chairman, Ninth  District

Donnie Moses’s term expires in 2018.

1451 Keith Kove

Lewisburg, TN 37091


Andy Woodard’s term expires in 2020

1399 Brown Shop Rd.

Cornersville, TN







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Julie Cathey’s term expires in 2018.

404 David Avenue

Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091

359-6142 home


John Daniel Allen’s term expires in 2018.

1111 Hwy 99

Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091

364-2119 home


Harvey Jones’ term expires in 2020

 1360 River Rd,

Lewisburg, Tn, 37091.






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